Top 5 Products That Use Royal Jelly, The Asian Skincare Miracle Ingredient


Last Black Friday, I found myself rushing to a SKINFOOD store because of a “three free sheet masks” promotion. While I was in the store, I found my eye drawn towards a product called Royal Honey Emulsion that I simply had to get my hands on. The packaging was pretty, I didn’t yet have an emulsion cream as part of my skincare routine and again, the packaging was pretty.

But before I purchased the product, I needed to know one thing: what exactly is royal jelly?

Skin Food Royal Honey Emulsion 2
Image courtesy of cutie house

Royal jelly, also called royal honey in many Asian skincare products, is a honey-based extract from honeybees. Specifically, royal jelly is a paste from honeybees that is designed to nourish their queen bee. Thus, royal jelly is the top-notch stuff full of nutrients and amino acids.

Royal jelly’s skin benefits include moisturizing the skin, reducing redness, adding collagen to the face to help combat anti-aging, healing acne and scars, and getting rid of oiliness in the face. With all these benefits, it’s no wonder that royal jelly has become a popular ingredient in many Asian skincare products.

Here are five examples of some of our favorite skincare products that contain royal jelly:




1. My Beauty Diary Royal Jelly Mask

Image courtesy of Pretty and Cute
Image courtesy of Pretty and Cute

“My Beauty Diary Royal Jelly Facial Mask contains multiple moisturizing factors such as vitamins and amino acids. Accompanied by the patented, long-lasting moisturizing ingredient cosphingo, it softens and refines the skin and enhances nourishment and resilience. Blended with multiple plant proteins, the skin is revitalized and rejuvenated with firmness and elasticity.” — Description courtesy of Walmart



2. Tonymoly Honey Cream 80ml -Apple Acid Royal Jelly Honey Nourish Moisturize Cream

Image courtesy of alibaba

“This Red Appletox Honey Cream contains apple and honey which helps your skin to firm. Cream itself feels like honey as well!” –Description courtesy of Amazon



3. Innisfree It’s Real Royal Jelly Mask

Image courtesy of beauteque
Image courtesy of beauteque

“Mask that gives energy with Herb complex water and Natural ingredients. Visa content prevents from trouble and give moisturized clean skin. ” — Description courtesy of Amazon



4. Skinfood Royal Honey Density Concealer Kit

Image courtesy of Amazon

“A dual-shade concealer that applies like a second skin to provide maximum coverage for skin flaws.” — Description courtesy of SKINFOOD



5. Etude House Daily Mask Sheet Royal Jelly

Image courtesy of The Certified Latebloomer
Image courtesy of The Certified Latebloomer

“Moisturizing & Skin Elasticity. Containing Collagen & Royal Jelly, this set of pre-moistened, single use mask sheets (20 EA) provides daily moisturizing and firming care.” — Description courtesy of Etude House



Needless to say, I bought the  Royal Honey Emulsion and received the three free sheet masks I had come into the store for. Two months later, I can say I love my Royal Honey Emulsion. It smells wonderful and it’s soft with just the right amount of thickness that most emulsions aim for. Living up to the hype, the product works effectively to keep my face moisturized. In the future, I will definitely keep my eye out for more products with royal jelly.