[Video] Choreographer Kyle Hanagami Reminds Us to Find Strength During Hard Times


Struggles. Big or small, we all go through them, and the only way we persevere is through strength. During hard times, some find resilience through dancing, writing, or crafting and Los Angeles-based choreographer, Kyle Hanagami, reminds us in his most recent video that whatever form of healing you choose, hardship becomes easier when you don’t walk alone.

Hanagami has always wowed us with his movements and creativity — from his fierce Yonce choreography to his Someone Like You concept that just pulled on our heartstrings — his talent is endless. More importantly, his messages have always been about inspiring others and spreading positivity to his viewers. He has shown that dance is more than just moving to the beat. He has shown us what vulnerability, friendship and love looks like through movement.

But what happens when you miss the beat and in that instant your world comes to a halt? For Hanagami, late last year his life completely changed as he was diagnosed with Leukemia. Since the discovery, Hanagami recognized that he wouldn’t be able to continue on without the love of those who’ve supported him. In response to all their help, he reacted the best way he could: He choreographed.

With the help of his loved ones as well as Alyson Stoner, he encompasses his own strength into his most personal choreography yet.


As a continuation of Hanagami’s previous project, Letters of Love, he asks that people send in their letters expressing what they love most, or even send in a letter of support as Hanagami takes on this new journey. All letters can be sent to:

P.O. Box 6339
North Hollywood, CA 91603

Also, Hanagami has set up a Fundly page where people can donate any amount and all the funds will go directly to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society for cancer research.