Video Roundup: Adele Cover, Dumbfoundead, K-pop Tot

Here’s a look at some of the videos we are watching this week at KoreAm.

15-Year-Old Korean Girl Covers “Rolling in the Deep”
On KPOP Star, an American Idol-esque reality show, teenager Park Jimin amazed the judges with her rendition of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.” BoA, J.Y.P. and Y.G. were the three judges and during the teenager’s fermata, the former two judges showed pleased reactions by applauding and cheering. J.Y.P. even made a comment about wanting to kidnap her and bring her back to his company if he could.

Sh-t Asian Girls Say
There are certain phrases and sentences that girls just seem to repeat over and over again. This video captures those priceless moments of the things Asian girls tend to say.

Dumbfoundead Spotlight
Dumbfoundead had a spot on Last Call with Carson Daly where he talked about his latest album, DFD, and his early start with freestyle and battling in L.A.

Toddler K-Pop Fan
This screaming and cheering toddler may be one of MBLAQ’s biggest fans. He jumps around as he awaits the results of that weekend’s M!Countdown winner to be announced in hopes that MBLAQ wins. Toddler Hajin has to be a huge MBLAQ fan since his uncle is Mir, the group’s rapper.

Kindergarten Students sing ‘Space Oddity’
These adorable 4- and 5-year-old South Korean kindergarteners love singing along to David Bowie’s “Space Oddity.” The kids read off the lyrics from the big screen to the tune of their English teacher’s guitar strumming.

2011 in Review
With only a couple of days left in 2011, Google and Yahoo create videos to show the historic year we just had. Both search engines use pictures and video clips from the biggest events and changes that occurred to recap the year.

Google’s Video:

Yahoo’s Video can be viewed here.

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