Watermelon Bread is Taiwan’s Latest Food Trend


Summer is already in full swing! During all these barbecues, long days at the beach and pool parties, you know that watermelon is always bound to be at hand. This tasty summer favorite is a versatile ingredient in creating smoothies, fresh juices and even as a savory grilled garnish. But despite watermelon’s popularity, we’re going to go ahead and assume you don’t typically think of watermelon when you think about bread. Well, that might change soon enough.

Lee Wen-fa, the head baker at a Taiwanese bakery called Jimmy’s Bakery, came up with a clever idea to get children to eat. Apparently, children in Taiwan are prone to losing their appetite because of the uncomfortable summer heat; this prompted Lee to create his   famous watermelon bread.


Because of its popularity, children aren’t the only ones eager to get their hands on this bread. Hundreds of adults wait in line at Jimmy’s Bakery for their share of a loaf of watermelon bread. But the question is, does the bread taste any different? Does it even taste like the fruit itself? Unfortunately, no. It will taste like any other plain bread you’ve had before. However, instead of food coloring, there are some bakeries who reportedly use matcha green tea and strawberries to achieve true watermelon colors. I wonder where I can find that…?

Want to bake your own watermelon bread at home? There are several variations of the recipe, but check out a few that we found below:



All photos courtesy of star2.com.