Wonder Girls’s Newest M/V "2 Different Tears"-Aliens, Blonde JYP…Bobby Lee?

The Wonder Girls may have gone 60s-Diana-Ross-inspired with their previous U.S. single, “Nobody,” but they’re fast-forwarding to another decade and moving and grooving to the funky 70s/80s with their new song, “2 Different Tears.”

In the latest cutesy installment from the Wonder Girls, the girls sing to a synthesized dance electronic beat that remains as a constant heartbeat throughout the track. The song is executed well enough and showcases Korean pop in its unadulterated essence–sugary, mindless, fun!–not to mention being keen to the signature catchy bubblegum sounds of the five-member JYP-produced girl group (and the cotton candied-hair!)

The new music video–and the debut of new member Hae Lim–is reminiscent of a Scooby Doo episode, from the campy appearance of a blonde wig sporting Jin Young Park, to the retro looks of the girls, to the ridiculous witch hunt of the what the dduk-loving, Pikachu-bodied Bobby Lee meandering throughout the psychedelically-colored scenes.

I don’t know about you all, but flamboyance and plot line fail aside, I must say I’m thoroughly enjoying the latest effort from the dynamic quintet and am quite pleased at their English pronunciations. And with the father of the Jonai as their co-manager, can we just say that they could actually make it on top? Er, at least to the Top 30 on the Billboards (let’s be realistic here!)

What do you think, K-pop fans? Is it a HATE it or LOVE it or are you confused, much like the lyrics of the song?