YG Entertainment Donates 100 Million Won to Nepal Earthquake Relief

by REERA YOO | @reeraboo

YG Entertainment, one of K-pop’s top talent agencies, has made a generous donation toward helping victims of the Nepal earthquake, according to Korean media outlets.

As of May 4, YG Entertainment donated at least 100 million won ($92,450 USD) to the Korean Committee for UNICEF, a United Nations program that provides humanitarian care to children in developing countries.

Over the years, YG Entertainment has consistently donated to charities and humanitarian projects through their fundraising platform YG WITH, according to Osen. At every concert its held, the agency has set up a YG WITH booth to raise funds.

Prior to the Nepal earthquake, proceedings from the G-dragon’s concert in 2013, 2NE1’s concert in 2014 and the 2014 YG Family concerts went toward building schools, sending computers, training teachers and providing school supplies to Nepal.

Since May 5 is Children’s Day in South Korea, YG Entertainment said its 100 million won donation will go toward providing medicine and relief supplies to the children affected by the earthquake.

On April 25, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck near Nepal’s capital Kathmandu, resulting in over 7,000 deaths and leaving tens of thousands homeless. It is reportedly the strongest earthquake the country has experienced in 80 years.

South Korea’s foreign ministry has pledged $1 million USD in humanitarian aid and deployed a total of 42 rescue workers and medics, along with two sniffer dogs, to Nepal on Friday.

Several Korean celebrities have also donated to the quake-hit country, including former Olympian figure skater Kim Yuna (donated $100,000 USD), actress Park Shin-hye ($28,000), K-pop girl group Girls’ Day ($9,300) and Shinhwa member Kim Dong Wan ($33,440). Many Korean nonprofit organizations and universities have also donated funds and relief supplies.

If you wish to donate to help the victims of the Nepal earthquake, here are five nonprofit organizations that are collecting donations:


Save the Children

 Red Cross

Good Neighbors

International Medical Corps