Ziyi Zhang’s most memorable movie moments

With the latest release of Ziyi Zhang’s newest movie, The Grandmaster, let’s take a trip down memory lane with some of her best movie moments, gif style!

Memoirs of a Geisha

That moment when she not only stopped a man in his tracks with a single look, but probably every single viewer too.


Her intense performance of the snow dance. tumblr_mrqapxAtLE1r2d2vgo1_500


House of Flying Daggers

When she captivated the audience with her graceful and beautiful dancing.



Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. 

Her fight scene vs. Michelle Yeoh which hands down, is one of the best.tumblr_mlif5cs7hU1riop3bo1_r1_500

When she took out three men effortlessly using just her feet.tumblr_mq2lapqQ3A1sagi1uo6_400

When she defended herself with just one arm while holding tea in the other like it was no big deal.


Rush Hour 2

When she managed to sport a great up do in less than three seconds and look intimidating at the same time.tumblr_mrqlwqqJi71sok8elo1_500

When she unexpectedly came out of no where with her high kick.  tumblr_mj3o7p60bc1qbtzbno1_r3_500

And last but not least, this epic moment in The Grandmaster where she fights to regain her family’s honor.


The Grandmaster has already premiered in Los Angeles and New York, and will be released nationwide on August 30. Don’t miss out on this action packed movie! There definitely will be several gif worthy scenes!