Zombie Engagement Photos Go Viral

© Amanda Rynda

by Eugene Kim and Y. Peter Kang

For their engagement shots, most couples pretend as though they’re models or actors in a romantic movie. The results often end up being unoriginal or somewhat cliché.

Juliana Sunmi Park and Benjamin Jinsuk Lee took their engagement shoot to a whole new level. Instead of trying to be cute, they threw down with a zombie attacker … and won!

According to photographer Amanda Rynda, “It was Ben’s idea! He wanted to make sure his manliness wasn’t lost in an engagement session. Juliana styled it, I staged, shot and edited it. It was a super fulfilling and creative day for me thanks to Juliana and Ben and their unique view on love.”


Not so fast, Ben.

charactermedia.com spoke with Juliana, who said the kernel of the idea originated when she was talking to co-workers during lunch. Juliana says the original plan was to have a slew of zombies bum-rushing them but they eventually thought a simpler lone zombie attack would be the best route.

“All in all it’s been funny and flattering and we’re glad people were mostly happy and we made them laugh,” she says.

The photos were originally posted on the couple’s wedding announcement website a week ago but went viral yesterday after popular social news website Reddit posted the link. After a couple of rude comments from strangers, the couple decided to make the website private.

“The internet will do what it wants to do,” Juliana says. “Most of the responses were funny to me.”

The background painter for Disney said the photo shoot was shot in Santa Clarita and took just a few hours.

“We’re not crazy zombie enthusiasts but we love movies and we like to be creative,” she says. “We didn’t want something boring. We’ve seen so many engagement photos and they aren’t bad but we didn’t think it was us.”


Check out the photos after the jump:


Amanda Rynda’s Tumblr blog
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Photos courtesy of Amanda Rynda, Juliana Park and Ben Lee