10 Asian Food Halloween Costumes

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The words “Asian Halloween Costumes” make me cringe (no more Geisha girls, please!) but for some reason, I find great pleasure in seeing people dressed as Asian foods and beverages. It’s quirky, it’s fun. Look what my husband and I went as last year. Can you guess? (Pssst, for all the kids out there, the answer is Vietnamese Noodle Soup Prince.)

And the year before that, my friends and I were the cutest sushi girls around, if I do say so myself. Check out our wasabi headbands and ginger earrings.

This Halloween, why not show your love for your favorite Asian dish or drink by becoming it? Here are 8 more ideas collected from around the internet to get your brains thinking and stomachs growling.

Dumpling & Chopsticks

Mandu, gyoza, wonton — you decide! A super creative team costume.


(Almost) everything is better with this beloved spicy red sauce. Dress like the iconic bottle and there’s a good chance you’ll get some hugs and squeezes.

Dim Sum

This is creepy and I may never look at my shu mai the same way, but I gotta give props for innovation.


Instant Ramen

As long as these people remember to rotate before entering a door, they’re pretty cool in my book.

Soy Sauce

A soy sauce lady and her sushi pugs. She’s having a little too much fun with this.

Boba Drink

Check out the Lollicup girl! I’m trying not to say anything inappropriate. Balls. Sucking. Bad Michelle, bad!

Hite & Soju

A tribute to our favorite Korean liquid courage. Well done, gals. Cheers! Let’s go to noraebang afterwards.


Not sure if you’ll get much Halloween action if you’re dressed like pickled cabbage. People might think you’re a bit pungent.