10 Emerging Asian American Fashion & Beauty Social Media Influencers

It’s 2017 and the term “digital influencers” have become a part of the daily vernacular. Through social media apps like Instagram and Twitter, and through our computer screens on YouTube, there are now a million and one curated faces and personalities. They make their living by sharing their tastes and giving a glimpse into their daily lives: favorite beauty finds, style choices, travel recommendations, etcetera.

And according to this year’s Nielsen’s report, Asian American women are leading the pack. Keeping with Nielsen’s findings that Asian American women are “embracing new products, trends, and experiences,” the most famous faces today in the blogosphere are of Asian American descent.

We have our OGs — the first wave of Asian American women to have set the bar, like Michelle Phan, Aimee Song and Rumi Neely — then the second wave: Jenn Im, Ellen V Lora and Sophia Chang. Today, it continues.

Here is a list of the next wave of Asian American fashion & beauty bloggers you should keep an eye on:


1. Tiffany Ma


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If there was one word to describe Tiffany Ma, it’d be “bubblegum pink.” There are pops of pink everywhere, from her hair coloring to the overall thematic color on her site liveandjess.com and YouTube channel Miss Tiffany Ma. The color suits her well: she’s bright, upbeat, and energetic.

2. Stephanie Villa


Stephanie Villa has a sort of punky, give-no-f–ks, tomboy aesthetic that’s a breath of fresh air. Her reviews on beauty products and #OOTD can be found on her YouTube and on her blog Soothing Sista.

3. Lisa Lee


Lisa Lee, a makeup artist and fashion stylist known for her gorgeous silver hair and fluttery lashes, has segued her visibility and expertise into the lash game with Seduire Essentials. Her style is glam and chic, and not afraid to experiment — just check her out in black lipstick.

4. Jenny Ong


…what it is about you that closes and opens

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Jenny’s Instagram is a beautifully curated world of exotic travel destinations, editorial looks and good eats. Once a method of “creative break” in between papers and finals during her college years, the blog eventually took another life of its own. Today, it’s at 156,000 followers…and counting.

5. Rachel Nguyen

Rachel Nguyen is low-key, quirky, aesthetic perfection. Think Rumi meets Alexa Chung. She’s equal parts wit and style (check out her YouTube!), unafraid to call out that her “beautiful-casual-I’m-laughing-with-my-girlfriends” posts are actually sponsored, and writes for her Instagram info: “There is a special place in hell for fashion bloggers.”

6. Amy Phan


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The former DJ, dancer, and world traveler who’s worked with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Iggy Azalea and Rae Stremmurd is now getting her turn at the spotlight. Phan has now modelled for brands such as Nike, Sony and Forever 21, and booked hosting gigs for prestigious red carpet events like the Critics’ Choice Awards, the Billboard Music Awards and, yes, even Kore Asian Media’s Unforgettable Gala!

7. Amy Lee


Give Amy Lee an awkward silhouette and it’ll be expertly styled and rocked. Her area of expertise seems to be pairing lady-like pieces with baggier ones and somehow, enviably, making it all work. Her style is fun, eclectic, and young, but that’s because she’s just that — a recent graduate of UCLA.

8. Renee Sybarite


This NYC-based blogger has dedicated her Instagram and YouTube channel Gothamista to serving beauty product novices. Her focus is primarily on skincare and products that focus on hydration and dewiness. Her Instagram has a clean, minimalist aesthetic, interspersed with cute nail art, baked goods, and various kinds of lattes (it seems like she’s on a caffeine purge and has substituted espresso for beet and matcha lattes…very interesting.)

9. Christine Nguyen


say “prune” @dootdadoot

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Christine Nguyen has every cool, beauty-loving girl’s dream side hustle: She’s a rep for Glossier products. She seems to have the latest low-down on cult-favored, indie beauty brands that are featured on her Instagram.

10. Jenny Choi


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Jenny Choi is a part-time stylist, part-time makeup artist and altogether the epitome of underground cool. She came onto the scene with choppy, awkward bangs and a trademark deadpan glare. She’s a mysterious dark horse amongst the sea of bloggers, always clad in black, and if she’s feeling festive, just-a-pop-of-color-on-her-lips kind of gal.

Who are your favorite up-and-coming fashion & beauty influencers? Comment below!