10 Ways to Prepare for KCON LA 2018

It’s that time of year again. KCON, the annual Korean convention that serves as a mecca for lovers of all things Hallyu, is once again returning to Los Angeles. This year’s lineup features hit artists such as Wanna One, Seventeen, TWICE, Crush, NU’EST W, Chung Ha, and fromis_9. First time attending KCON and not sure how to prepare? Here’s 10 tips to ensure your 2018 KCON experience is smooth sailing.


1. Bust out your merch 

(Kore Asian Media)
(Kore Asian Media)

Whether it be a jersey with your bias’ name and birth year plastered on the back or an official light stick, don’t be afraid to show pride for your favorite artists.


2. Comfort over style 

(Photo KCON)
(Photo KCON)

Whether you’re attending the concert or the convention, it’s going to be a long day. Prepare to wait in long lines and navigate around thousands of fans. We recommend wearing comfortable shoes to minimize pain and maximize fun.


3. Plan Ahead

(CJ E&M)
(CJ E&M)

With everything going on, it’s not a bad idea to check out the KCON 2018 LA Schedule ahead of time. The events for each day are broken down by the half hour and include helpful descriptions. From dance workshops to meet and greets to even an aegyo battle, you’ll surely never find yourself bored.


4. Prepare for Random Play Dance

It’s no secret that K-pop groups are known for powerful and flashy choreographies that perfectly complement their music. During Random Play Dance, a random K-pop song is played and fans rush out to the dance floor to show off their knowledge of the routine. If you’re not familiar with any choreography, consider attending the various dance workshops going on.


5. Audition to be a K-pop star

NCT 127 at KCON Los Angeles 2017. (Photo KCON)NCT 127 at KCON Los Angeles 2017. (Photo KCON)

Ever wanted a life of stardom but never knew how to get there? KCON is hosting a global audition for Stone Music Entertainment, which oversees artists like Wanna One, Davichi, Heize, Roy Kim and Eric Nam. So, break out your dancing shoes and exercise those vocal chords for a shot at becoming a trainee.

6. Have the fanchants down

Do you know the fanchant for TWICE’s newest comeback, “Dance the Night Away”? True fans will know their favorite group’s fanchants by heart and can probably recite them in their sleep. Show your favorite group dedication with a clear and powerful chant! Most fanchants start off by listing the members’ names and differ with each comeback.


7. Consider Hi-Touch

If you’re not familiar with the term, “Hi-Touch” is a fan meeting event in which fans line up to give their favorite K-pop idols a quick high five and exchange a few words, a memory they will surely keep close to heart.


8. Use the app


The amount of events going on throughout the three convention dates can be overwhelming. From beauty booths to food to games to live performances, KCON seems to have it all. The convention has an official app to manage your busy agenda. The app allows you to personalize your schedule, offers an interactive map, and notifies you of giveaways and special artist appearances!


9. Invest in a portable charger


This might seem like a very simple tip, but the last thing you want is to be left at KCON without your phone. You’ll likely be using your camera, Snapchat and Instagram to document all the fun you’re having throughout the day, and all three apps can quickly devastate your phone’s battery.


10. Get a good night’s rest

(Photo KCON)
(Photo KCON)

Lastly and most importantly, be sure to get a good night’s sleep before the big day(s). The pre-KCON jitters and excitement will probably get the best of us and leave us wide awake under our covers the night before, but we want to be fully energized for all the memories we’ll be making at KCON LA 2018. So, put on a good K-pop playlist and drift into Hallyu dreams.