11-Year-Old Invents a “Spill-Proof Cup” For Grandfather with Parkinsons

Just last week we brought you the touching story of Angelo Casimiro. The Filipino teen created footwear which can can generate electricity by simply walking. The 15-year-old was inspired by the poverty around him and recognized that this invention could truly help those who do not have access to electricity.

Well, we’ve found yet another youngin’ who proves that brilliant ideas don’t always come from the minds of adults.

11-year-old Lily Born observed the many struggles of her grandfather who has Parkinson’s disease. Born, who was adopted from China, began imagining a cup which could help her grandfather drink without spilling the liquid.

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From this, Born created the Kangaroo cup. The Kangaroo cup has three legs which elevate the body of the cup and creates a very stable base. Additionally, the rim of the cup is curved inward so no drink splashes out as you use or transport the cup.

Born began by experimenting with moldable plastic and went on to make a ceramic version at a local pottery studio. Her father recognized what a great creation it was and the two embarked on an adventure to JingDeZhen, China where the model was refined and a manufacturer was found to create ceramic Kangaroo cups.

Currently, the Born family is raising funds to create plastic versions of the Kangaroo cups which are more durable. The plastic version will even have more comfortable grips and come in all sorts of colors.

Clearly, Lily Born is one of many children who prove that the imagination of a kid can go a long way.

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