Asian Babies With Puppies

Featured image by Grace Chon / / Via There are a few things in life that can lift up my spirits, no matter how bad my day […]

New Year, New Do: Nails

When it comes to getting my nails done, I’d like to say that I’m my own manicurist. It’s not that I’m always able to make them look professionally painted, […]

Bizarre Trends in Asia

  Everyday, it seems as if we come across products, trends, and even holidays from Asia that gets us quite confused. From fuzzy-hair stockings to an actual single awareness […]

Unique Christmas Traditions in Asia

Feature image courtesy of   Christmas is coming fast!  For many of us, this season means decorating Christmas trees, navigating through crowded malls, playing the Michael Buble Christmas album way […]

Breakfast Food Around the World

If there’s one thing that joins people together, it is food.  In fact, people often travel the world with the goal to try new types of food.  This happens […]