18 Best Comebacks in K-pop This Summer


Here’s what you’ve been waiting for: a compilation of the best “comebacks” in K-pop this summer from your favorite artists. Now, let’s get to it.

1) EXO – “Overdose”

Check out those sharp dance moves and that smokey eyeliner. There are many people who wouldn’t mind an overdose of this group.

2) g.o.d. – “The Lone Duckling”

This is likely the most exciting comeback news this summer: after disbanding in 2005 and nine years of solo careers, the legendary K-pop boy band is back. One of South Korea’s premier first-generation K-pop groups, g.o.d. is still wooing fans the world over with their soft-spoken narrations, charming vocals and groovy beats. Here’s their single from the eighth studio album appropriately titled, “Chapter 8.”

3) Junggigo – “Want U”

Catchy beat? Check. Sexy acoustic breakdown? Check. Swag? Check. The latest Junggigo single has perfect summer song written all over it. And to top it off, it features the cool rhythmic vibes of Korean hip-hop artist, Beenzino. I can’t even.

4) M. Pire – “She’s Not Like That”

M. Pire shows us what a fun, flirty summer fling looks like in the refreshing, danceable single titled “She’s Not Like That” from their third single album.

5) Hyoseong – “Good Night Kiss”

Although this isn’t a comeback per se, Hyoseong from girl group Secret returns to the stage–but for the first time, solo. The second girl from Secret to have a solo debut, Hyoseong killed it in this music video for her first single, all complete with, like, 17 outfit changes.

6) Fly to the Sky – “You You You”

This R&B duo captures the essence of an entire Korean drama series in the seven-minute music video for their latest single. Impressive.

7) INFINITE – “Last Romeo”

INFINITE’s recent chart-topper, “Last Romeo”, wins the award for the most dramatic K-pop music video ever. I think it was the slow-motion explosion of a thousand books that gave it away.

8) VIXX – “Eternity”

There were some weird relationship dynamics going on in this music video, but hey, at least the music was catchy.

9) U-KISS – “Don’t Flirt”

They can’t seem to keep their clothes on for this one. Erm, NSFW?

10) TINY-G – “Ice Baby”

“Ice Baby” marks TINY-G’s fourth digital single to hit the charts. The three-girl duo brings a cute, flirty sound with a twist of hip-hop that’s perfect for a cruise on a summer day. No sign of Vanilla Ice anywhere, for those who are worried.

11) Boyfriend – “Obsession”

Hold on, I’m still trying to figure out the connection between Peter Pan and Wendy to this music video…

12) PSY – “Hangover”

We couldn’t have expected anything less from the collaborations of PSY and Snoop Dogg. The world wasn’t ready for this one. Or…were we never more ready? Wait, what?

13) Beast – “Good Luck”

So much angst.

14) (f)x – “Red Light”

In the sea of cute-faced, dolled up K-pop girl bands out there, (f)x stands out as their edgy, bad-ass counterpart. I dig it.

15) C-Clown – “Let’s Love”

With booming bass beats, impressive melodies, and dance moves with a dangerous amount of swag, C-Clown is making a huge comeback with their latest single, “Let’s Love”.

16) Girl’s Day – “Darling”

Worlds apart from their much darker, sexier single, “Something,” Girl’s Day is embracing summer in their latest chart-topper, all complete in bright crop tops and poppy vocals.

17) Nu’est – “Good Bye Bye”

Again, much angst.

18) Beenzino – “Up All Night”

On repeat. Enough said.

Can’t get enough of these comebacks? To wrap things up, here’s a list of some upcoming returns of your favorite K-pop bands this summer.

1) Taewan – “History” 7/18
2) Eddy Kim – “Darling” 7/18
3) SISTAR – “Touch My Body” 7/21
4) INFINITE – “Be Back” 7/22
5) Boys Republic – “Fantasy Trilogy the 2nd” 7/25
6) Hyuna – “Red” 7/28
7) JYJ – “Just Us” 7/29
8) Play The Siren – “Dream Drive” TBA
9) Super Junior – TBA
10) PSY – “Daddy” TBA

Photo via AsianJunkie