25 Years of KoreAm Covers: Highlighting Key Social Issues

To mark the 25th anniversary of KoreAm Journal, we’re revisiting some memorable covers from the magazine’s archives.

Take a look at some of the creative talent, athletes, influential figures, social issues and tragic events that have appeared on our cover. The panoply of images, we hope, will serve as a historical flashback, a glimpse into the people that inspired us, the issues we explored and the events that called for deeper reflection over the last 25 years.

Here are some key social issues KoreAm has covered in the past 25 years.


The Queer Issue (Aug. 1993): KoreAm explored what it was like being Korean and part of the LGBTQ community, acknowledging that in putting together the issue, “we were forced to consider life without family or the sense of community we sometimes take for granted.”


Where are all the good Korean men? (Oct. 1999): A provocative headline for the cover story that featured several female perspectives on the issue of dating Korean men.


LA Riots: 10 Years Later (April 2002): Ten years after Sa-i-gu, KoreAm put together a package of stories and reflections on the L.A. riots.


American Passage: Immigrant Heritage (Jan. 2003): KoreAm celebrates a century of Korean immigration to the United States.


The High Price of Gambling (Aug. 2008): KoreAm looks into the high stakes of gambling in the Korean American community.


Health Care Reform (Nov. 2009): Before health care reform was signed into law, KoreAm looked at how Korean Americans have one of the highest uninsured rates in the U.S.


Raising Next Crop of Korean Americans (May 2010): A story about third-generation Korean Americans, “the grandchildren of the original post-1965 wave of Korean immigrants.”


LA riots: 20 Years Later (April 2012): For the 20-year anniversary of Sa-i-gu, KoreAm retraced the days and nights of the 1992 L.A. riots.


The Adoption Issue (Nov. 2013): KoreAm hones in on adoptee perspectives, voices and experiences to dig further into the collective Korean American diasporic experience.

In the next chapter, we will share some of most influential athletes who have graced the KoreAm cover.


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