4DX Will Change The Way You Watch Movies

Going to the movies will never be the same again.


Since 2009, when 4DX was first developed by South Korean company, CJ 4DPLEX, and has quickly expanded the cinematic experience worldwide. It is currently in operation at 355 auditoriums in 44 countries, and as of January 2017, it’s has opened second California location at CGV Cinemas in Buena Park. We got to sit in (literally) during the grand opening and experience 4DX chairs for ourselves.



What Is 4DX?


“4DX delivers an immersive multi-sensory cinematic experience that incorporates the on-screen visuals with synchronized motion chairs and environmental effects such as water, wind, fog, scent, snow and more to substantially enhance the overall cinematic experience.” That’s the official definition. In short, while watching a typical 3D movie, you’ll be shaken, you’ll feel cold, you’ll see things, you’ll smell things, you will basically feel like you are part of the movie. Oh, and you may get wet too.


From Viewing to Experiencing

Brandon Choi, chief operating officer of 4DPLEX America, was on site to explain how 4DX wants to bring people back to the cinemas, and away from their couches. Most 4DX auditoriums are equipped with two types of sensory effects. Surrounding the auditorium are remote units that trigger wind, bubbles, snow, fog, rainstorm and lightning, to make you feel like you are really there. The seats utilize mist, air, rain, vibrations, ticklers and motions with Servo motors to provide the most organic and active movements synchronized to the on-screen visuals.


4DX currently reaches 43,000 seats worldwide and features films including Hollywood blockbusters, Asian films, local films and alternative content like concerts and commercials. While action movies are anticipated to the be the most popular platform for 4DX, they have every intention to find the potentials in any genre and offer an amazing, immersive experience for the viewers. From South Korean political crime thriller “The King” to the latest sci-fi action horror, “Resident Evil,” CGV Cinemas is now showing a number of great films, many of them offered in 4DX.


KORE Thoughts


The demos were all fine and dandy, but we truly got whole experience when we were treated to a screening of “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.” We grabbed our Real3D glasses, took one last sip of soju and held on for a jump-scare-fest. Yes, the chairs really made us jump!


“‘Resident Evil in 4DX’ – So fun to experience!” – Tricia Sargent

“It adds another level to the cinematic and real-world experience. I can’t even begin to imagine what they plan to do with it next” – Eric Nguyen

“It’s like a cross between Star Tours and Soarin’ Over California.” – Charles Gray

“Half-massage chair, half-amazing!” – Justin Pagtalunan


Stay tuned, we will have a full video of our 4DX movie-going experience soon!