Japanese ‘Sushi’ Kit Kats Are a Real Thing

In case you didn’t know, Nestlé sells many types of special Kit Kats throughout Japan, some based on region and others as exotic flavors that often make their way to the top of the list for many to bring back overseas as gifts. Occasionally, a couple flavors will make their way stateside, but the bulk of these are found strictly in Japan (some are so rare that you can only find them in certain cities).

Kore Asian Media - Japanese Kit Kats Sushi

The latest for Kit Kat collectors: the extremely limited sushi edition, available exclusively at the Ginza store from Feb. 2-, comes in three types: maguro (tuna), uni (sea urchin) and tamago (egg). But fear not — they won’t be “seafood” flavored, simply inspired by.



Tuna will be raspberry flavored accompanied by white chocolate rice; uni is made with a Hokkaido melon and mascarpone cheese; and egg is based off pumpkin pudding. 


Kore Asian Media - Japanese Kit Kats Sushi - "Uni"
“Uni/Sea Urchin”

Though Nestlé Japan teased this initially as an April Fool’s joke, the first 500 customers can score a set of their own as a gift for spending ¥3000 or more (approximately $26). So you know what that means: book a ticket now and get ready to stand in line.


Kore Asian Media - Japanese Kit Kats Sushi - Tuna

Kit Kat Ginza: 104-0061, 3-7-2 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan