5 Asian Journalists To Follow For the Latest News

Whether it’s getting personal about identity or getting up close to the Hong Kong protests, these Asian journalists are using social media to share what matters to them, and why it should matter to us, too. While some cover factual news, they also discuss movies, music, Asian American achievements and more. From relatable memes to leading discussions on Asian American society, these five journalists are giving a voice to our community. 

1.Michelle Ye Hee Lee


The president of the Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA), Lee reports for “The Washington Post” on money and influence in politics. She also contributed to the diversity initiative “About US” with an essay on her experiences as an Asian American journalist.

2. Angry Asian Man (Phil Yu)

A pioneer in social media discussions on Asian America, the blog Angry Asian Man was founded by Phil Yu in 2001. With his original podcast, Yu tackles Asian Americans in pop culture and entertainment, with special guests including “Crazy Rich Asians” star Constance Wu, Randall Park and Shannon Lee, daughter of Bruce Lee. Angry Asian Man’s Twitter account frequently retweets articles about discrimination and injustice faced by Asian Americans. 

3. Kimmy Yam

This spunky journalist who now works at NBC News once headed “Huffington Post”’s Asian Voices section. She frequently posts about Asian American culture, entertainment and her own personal stories. After the release of “Crazy Rich Asians,” Yam went viral on Twitter for this thread about the struggles she faced accepting her Asian American identity, and the power that representation brings to minority populations.

4. Frank Shyong


A columnist for the “Los Angeles Times,” Shyong is an expert at finding stories in LA. From bringing Howling Ray’s fried chicken sandwiches to Chinatown, to comparing a health foods grocery store with the way we use social media, Shyong has a knack for building bridges between communities, and making unconventional connections between different aspects of life and society.

5. Ramy Inocencio

For the latest news on Asia, follow Ramy Inocencio. This Filipino and Singaporean journalist has been covering the Hong Kong protests for CBS, and posts frequent Twitter threads with live updates and videos for the most up-to-date news. He also serves as the Senior Vice President for AAJA.