5 Korean Variety Programs To Stream On Netflix

Variety programs may have run their course on American television, but the genre is still in its renaissance on Korean TV. Check out these five variety programs that are available to stream on Netflix.

Men on a Mission

Also known by names such as “Knowing Brothers” and “Ask Us Anything,” this comedic variety program features an all-star cast of comedians, actors, idols and athletes who act as senior students in a high school and must entertain their “transfer student” guests.

Abnormal Summit

Also called “Non-Summit,” this talk show assembles a panel of foreigners and ex-pats living in South Korea and invites them to a “summit” to discuss Korean culture and other various topics, and to inject conversations with fresh perspectives.

The Homecoming

The fixed cast of “Abnormal Summit” returns to their home countries to give their fellow cast members a tour. Follow their shenanigans and adventures in “The Homecoming,” also known by the title “Where Is My Friend’s Home?”

Chef and My Fridge

Also known as “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator,” celebrities bring their own refrigerators to the studio in this variety program. The show hosts will then review the items in the guests’ fridges, and then a pair of chefs will compete to cook a meal using only ingredients found in the the guests’ refrigerators.

Hidden Singer

A team of singers with similar-sounding vocal timbers each sing a bar of a famous song while hidden behind a curtain, and it’s up to the audience to figure out which one is hiding the song’s original singer.