Justin Lin Contemplating Return to ‘Fast and Furious’

Director Justin Lin is in talks to make a “Fast and Furious” comeback for the ninth installment of the franchise, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Vin Diesel teased fans with a video posted to his Facebook page, in which he also hinted that co-star Jordana Brewster would also make a comeback. Lin first boarded the “Fast and Furious” train in 2006, when he directed “Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift,” and then again in 2013 with “Fast and Furious 6.”

Since his departure from the franchise, Lin has helmed the most recent “Star Trek” film and is working with Warner Brothers on a “Space Jam” sequel. He is also set to executive produce “Warrior,” a historical crime drama series inspired by an idea by Bruce Lee for Cinemax.