5 Reasons Why Our Boba Shop Is Better

Happy National Boba Day! In celebration of this momentous holiday, we examine why our favorite shop is better than your favorite boba shop. And before you tell us why your tea house is better, let us remind you that we don’t care—because you’re wrong.

1. Our shop calls it boba, not bubble tea.


Okay, no offense to those on the East Coast reading this, but the term is boba. Yes, there’s been the great East Coast vs. West Coast rivalry since Bad Boy vs. Death Row, but it’s really not that sophisticated. Boba is derived from the term “po ba” introduced by Taiwanese immigrants, meaning “bodacious.” Bubble tea is what Emma Stone’s character in “Aloha” would probably call the drink. Plus, literally all tea has bubbles, only boba has boba.

2. We’re two stamps away from a free drink.


Logically, it makes no sense to buy six full-priced drinks just to get the same drink for free, but this is boba we’re talking about. There’s something special about that free boba you get from completing your stamp card. The tea tastes a bit sweeter, the boba is a bit chewier and your financial situation is a bit sounder.

3. Our crush works there.


Let’s be honest, we’ve all had a crush on someone working at our favorite boba spot. They drive the coolest cars, go to all the raves and have lots of Instagram followers. Boba is the first love, but I’d be lying if this wasn’t the most flushed my face has been from consuming a beverage that wasn’t alcoholic.

4. The coolest people hang out there.


The shop is always packed but we don’t mind. The grand assortment of those at the shop include super nice church groups, Asian frats boys, the ABGs that follow in their wake and the group of chain-smoking, poker-playing old men that inexplicably always seem to be there.

5. It’s home.


Let’s be honest, our proclivity for boba shops is rooted in something personal. Sure, the tea is delicious, the workers are friendly and the parking is great, but we love our boba shop because it has become a space for us to call home. Maybe the shop was a place your parents brought you to. You might have studied there during college. Or your friends used to hang out there in high school. Whatever the reason, we’re thankful for boba for always being there for us.