5 Taiwanese Snacks To Stock Up On At The 99 Ranch Market Taiwan Food Festival

Finally running out of snacks from your summer vacation in Asia? 99 Ranch Market has the perfect excuse to fill up even more suitcases with yummy Taiwanese snacks. Reminiscent of Taiwan’s plentiful convenience stores, the Asian grocery store will be offering promotions on certain snacks for the rest of the month. Dubbed “Fantastic Flavors of Taiwan,” the food festival’s first day kicks off tomorrow Oct. 12 at the Rowland Heights, California store, with music, games and free samples for all.

1.Boba Grains Snacks

Have you ever had a craving for boba, but don’t want to get bloated from milk tea? These Taiwanese milk tea-flavored nougats with soft, chewy pearls inside taste just as good as the real drink.

2. Pea Crackers

These crunchy, garlicky crackers are perfect for snacking. With hot, wasabi and basil flavors, these cute spiral-shaped treats can pack a strong taste.


3. Suncakes

Popular with tourists, this pastry has a soft, chewy fruit-flavored center with a light and flaky crust. Similar to pineapple cakes, suncakes are sweet, distinctly Taiwanese snacks that also work as great gifts.


4. Tung-i Instant Noodle And Shredded Squid

Tung-i instant ramen is a must-grab for college students, and is most popular for its onion-flavored noodles.  Add shredded squid for some extra protein, and call it a meal. The Food Festival will offer grilled and smoked varieties for customers.


5. Chinese Mixed Porridge

This porridge comes ready to eat in a simple can. Literally translated as “eight treasures porridge,” this dish is one of many Chinese foods made with eight special ingredients. While there are several combinations, 99 Ranch’s brand uses mung beans, barley, glutinous rice, red beans, mottled kidney beans, peanuts and longans.


For more information on the festival, visit the 99 Ranch website here.