6 Cookies From Around The World In Honor Of National Cookie Day

In honor of National Cookie Day, we’ve scoured the globe for some of the world’s most beloved baked goods. So get your batter started and try one of these cookies from different continents for your next holiday gathering.




A soft and crumbly Spanish shortbread cookie, polvorón is a staple in the Philippines. Made with flour, sugar, milk and nuts, these sweet shortbread cookies can come in all types of flavors, from ube, peanut, pinipig (glutinous rice), cookies ‘n cream to the classic butter flavor.




Nankhatai are Indian biscuits that are savory, sweet and eggless. Popular in India and Pakistan, these shortbread cookies are made with flour, sugar and ghee butter, and are often flavored with cardamom, nutmeg and an almond or pistachios on top.




A traditional Korean sweet, these deep-fried honey cookies are typically made with flour, sesame oil, honey, pine nuts and sesame seeds. Yakgwa is especially sweet as it is soaked in honey and is traditionally served for special occasions.


Kleeb Lamduan


Named after lamduan, a delicate ivory-colored Thai flower, kleeb lamduan are traditional Thai shortbread cookies made with cake flour, sugar, salt and lard. Traditionally made without any added scents such as vanilla extract, these cookies are shaped into a flower and placed in an airtight container with an aromatic cooking candle, where they take on the smoke and aroma of the candle (if not available, rose water or vanilla extract may be added).


Pineapple Cookies


A traditional bite-sized pastry found in Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, pineapple cookies/tarts are especially popular during Chinese New Year. The buttery and crumbly pastry is filled with pineapple jam with a rich and tender feel that melts in your mouth!


Chinese Almond Cookies


Happy Chinese New Year!!! My FAVORITE almond cookies to celebrate! http://www.tablefortwoblog.com/chinese-new-year-almond-cookies/

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Chinese almond cookies are a popular Chinese New Year treat. Made simply of almond flour, almond extract and slivered almonds, these crunchy delicacies resemble coins for good fortune.


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