6 sizzling ways to have sisig, the Filipino pork dish

You may know sisig as a drinking food, or you may not know it at all – either way, here are six fresh takes on the pork dish!

1. In these porky patties


Dubbed the “Ultimate Pinoy Burger,” this burger recipe from Raymund of Angsarap is the perfect way to start your journey of Filipino flavors. Each ingredient is something unique to the Philippines, from banana ketchup to Filipino mangos, and of course a sisig patty.

2. In this comforting wrap

(Cherry On My Pie)
(Cherry On My Sundae)

This burrito baby from Christine of Cherry On My Sundae is great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or…you know, second breakfast, second lunch, or second dinner – you get the idea. Her burrito recipe will leave you craving more.

3. With these healthy alternatives

(Hearty's Haven)
(Hearty’s Haven)

Crispy tofu is great, but Rochelle of Hearty’s Haven can make them even better. Her tofu sisig recipe replaces our porky friend with something more healthy, but just as crispy and flavorful.

4. With these soft-shelled piglets

(New Kid on the Wok)
(New Kid on the Wok)

Love tacos? Then you’ll love these soft-shelled bites from Pristine of New Kid on the Wok. Her sisig taco recipe marries Filipino and Mexican flavor, for a match made in heaven.

5. With the last one’s taco brother

(Salt & Wind)
(Salt & Wind)

Not a fan of the soft-shell? Then try these hard-shelled ones from Aida of Salt & Wind. She removes pork from the equation, and adds chicken. But, don’t fret, her recipe still packs the same punch of flavor.

6. In this sisig’erogi casserole


This Frankenstein’s monster of foods would make Mary Shelley proud. One part sisig, one part pierogi, and all parts flavor, it’s the perfect blend of Asian and European influence. You can follow the recipe at Pepper.

How do you eat sisig?