7 Insta-Worthy Boba That Will Help You Get That “Quali-Tea” Pic

Whether it’s a pristine plate of neatly assorted sushi or a simmering bowl of mouth-watering hot pot, we all love to steal a pic of our delicious meals and brag about it on social media. But a sure-fire way to catch everyone’s attention online? Boba. From taro to matcha to brown sugar, boba is on everyone’s mind. So, if you want to step up your #foodiegram game (or simply need an excuse to splurge on tasty tea), then check out these Insta-worthy boba drinks. Your feed never looked so good.

1. Omomo Matcha – OMOMO Tea Shoppe


This popular boba chain is serving up a matcha made in heaven. The Omomo Matcha gets its beautifully marbled texture through swirls of their signature brûlée, which perfectly complements their rich blend of Gyokuro tea and pure matcha powder. Not only does it look like a work of art, it tastes like one too.

2. Rabbit Signature Fresh Fruits Teas – Rabbit Rabbit Tea


Rabbit Rabbit Tea is known for their refreshing fruit teas that are perfect for a summertime snapshot. But it’s their adorable straws that make them Instagram favorites. Drinking from their rabbit straw will give the illusion that you’ve grown Bugs Bunny’s buck teeth and whiskers, reigniting that inner-child.

3. Strawberry Lava – Hok Tea


This sugary concoction is a sweet tooth’s dream. Hok Tea’s Strawberry Lava is topped with a fresh strawberry, whipped cream and strawberry-flavored Pocky. This adorable, compact drink looks like a perfect substitute for a birthday cupcake. Who wouldn’t want this as a gift?

4. Hojicha Tea – L’moon Creamery


It’s official. Boba is the new black. Embrace your inner dark side with this Japanese roasted bubble tea. The Hojicha Tea should appeal to all those who are into the monochrome theme for their Insta feed.

5. Sable Grape – Tea Hut


Tea Hut is known for their cups with cute polar bear illustrations, but their drinks are just as pleasing to the eye (and taste buds). Their best-seller Sable Grape (pictured on the right) is a beautiful, violet-hued drink made with seedless black grapes and apples. This drink is nothing like the grape-flavored medicines you avoided growing up.

6. Dirty Boba – Feng Cha Teahouse 奉茶


This boba is lit. Literally. Feng Cha Teahouse put a new spin on the brown sugar boba tea by finishing the surface layer with cheese foam and caramelizing it on top to resemble crème brûlée. It’s safe to say that the Dirty Boba takes bubble tea to a whole new level of theatrics.

7. Blue Galaxy – Vivi Bubble Tea


Just as its name implies, the Blue Galaxy is out of this world. On camera, it looks as if you have the entire milky way bottled up in your drink. And the flavor? You’ll see stars when you take a sip.