7 Tasty Asian Tripe Dishes to Devour on World Tripe Day

Soft and chewy, with smooth and textured varieties, tripe is a delicacy enjoyed in many Asian countries. If you’re daring enough to try this cut of meat, commonly made from the stomach lining of cows, there are some delicious, healthy benefits. Low in fat and calories but high in vitamin B-12 and zinc, tripe adds a unique flavor and fun texture to stews and soup dishes. While some dishes are centered around the food, others can simply be customized by adding it. From spicy Korean gopchang-jeongol to savory Filipino kare-kare, pick from one of these seven dishes to celebrate World Tripe Day.

1.Gopchang-jeongol (Korea)

Spice up your day with gopchang-jeongol, a Korean beef tripe hot pot perfect for sharing with friends over a bottle of soju. The tripe adds a rich flavor to the stew, which is then seasoned with red chili sauce.


2. Kare-kare (Philippines)

This stew from the Philippines is distinctive for its thick peanut sauce. While its main ingredient is oxtail, ox tripe is often added to flavor the broth. 


3. Ginger Scallion Beef Tripe (China)

This slippery dim sum staple may be difficult to eat with chopsticks, but is definitely worth the struggle. Light and salty, this honeycomb tripe pairs well with a hot cup of jasmine tea.


4. Chakna (India)

A speciality for Hyderabadi Muslims, this spicy stew is made with goat tripe as well as other animal organs and intestines. A side of fresh naan or chapati completes the meal.


5. Motsunabe (Japan)

A Japanese hot pot dish from Fukuoka, motsunabe has a soy sauce or miso based soup and is typically made with thin slices of beef tripe. Some people eat motsunabe for its potential beautifying effects, thanks to the large amounts of collagen found in tripe.


6. Gulai babat (Indonesia)

This aromatic Indonesian curry dish can be made with all different types of meat, including tripe. The curry is made of many different spices to produce a multidimensional spicy flavor, and is often served with steamed rice.


7. Phở (Vietnam)

This Vietnamese comfort food can be customized with a number of different cuts of meat, including eye-of-round steak, tendons and beef tripe. Garnish with cilantro, hoisin sauce and sriracha for extra flavor.