7 times Ming-Na Wen played a total badass

If you weren’t already aware. 

1. That time she was an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Melinda May? More like Melinda Bae. For Ming-Na’s current flock of fans, her role in “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” is probably the most recognizable. Playing the stoic and intelligent second-in-command of S.H.I.E.L.D., she brings a certain level of pragmatism other agents cannot. Also, she kicks butt.

2. That time she was a Street Fighter

Before Kristin Kreuk was playing the role of the legendary Interpol fighter, Chun-Li was, and can only be Ming-Na Wen. She was kickin’ Shadaloo butt since the original “Street Fighter” (1994) movie, it’s just too bad we didn’t see a Spinning Bird Kick!

3. That time as a rebellious daughter

In “Joy Luck Club,” Ming-Na played June, a daughter who could never quite live up to her mother’s expectations. Her “unteachable” style and unwavering need to be herself prove you don’t need to kick butt, to actually kick butt.

4. That time she was a Gotham detective

Strong, independent, and not falling for Bruce Wayne’s charm, in “The Batman” animated series, Ming-na played Gotham detective Ellen Yin. There was no one she wouldn’t stand up to, even taking a shot from the over-muscled brute Bane. Now, that’s a tough woman.

5. That time as a heavenly demon slayer

In the “Spawn” animated series, Ming-Na played Jade, a bounty hunter sent from Heaven to kill Hellspawn, including Spawn himself. Not cool enough? As the show explains it, she has been slaying demons for centuries, even being sent to kill Genghis Khan.

6. That time she was a Tau’ri

For fans of Stargate, Ming-Na’s Camile Wray in SGU Stargate Universe gave an otherwise fascinating character, much more depth (we’re talking galaxy level depth). Her strategic and frigid nature is offset with her on-screen relationship with Sharon Walker – appearing as the first lesbians in the Stargate Universe.

7. That time she was a legendary Chinese warrior

Yes, she was Mulan. So, it’s only fitting that we end the list with her most famous role – one that really encapsulates a career filled with badassery. Almost two decades from that film, and she’s still “a girl worth fighting for.”