9 Not So Subtle Asian Facebook Groups You Need To Join

When you meet someone online there’s always the worry that the person could be a serial killer. Stranger danger, right?

For the Asian American community, a shared obsession with boba, Korean barbecue and pikachu memes is enough for a seal of approval.

As reported in every major publication from the BBC to the “New York Times,” the Facebook group “Subtle Asian Traits” has become an internet sensation.

Founded in Australia in September 2018, the concept was simple: create a page with content that second generation Asian Australians could relate to. Almost overnight, the page reached North America and the UK.

In November 2018 the page had approximately 300,000 followers. Three months later, that number grew to over one million. So chances are, if you’re a second generation Asian American you’ve already heard of it.

  1. Subtle Asian Traits


As a result of the group’s success, people have created similar pages tacking on the brand “Subtle Asian.”

If you’re looking to escape the dating scene on Tinder, network professionally or find the perfect Asian recipe there’s a Subtle Asian page for that. For once it’s okay to say, it’s just because we’re Asian!

2. SAD (Subtle Asian Dating)


Here you can “auction off” your friend to find them a date or even one for yourself. The rules are simple. Post a photoset of attractive photos, an Instagram handle and a list of pros and cons. For once, there’s no question as to whether sliding into someone’s DM’s is appropriate. Shoot your shot!

3. SQuAD (Subtle Queer Asian Dating)


Not that the LGBT community isn’t already on the Subtle Asian Dating group, but sometimes we need a space of our own. Date, make friends or share your Grindr horror stories. Whatever it is, if you’re Asian and queer this is the place to be.

4. Subtle Asian Networking


Not all relationships have to be romantic, and let’s be honest, we’re all trying to be the next Crazy Rich Asian. Looking for a connection at the company you’re applying to? Maybe, you just need some feedback on your resume. Whether you’re trying to find your next job opportunity or a grow your LinkedIn, Subtle Asian Networking is the page for Asian professionals.

5. Subtle Asian Cooking


Not all of us can enjoy mom’s home cooked meals. Subtle Asian Cooking has all the Asian recipes you’ve been missing or have been dying to try.

6. Subtle Asian Eats


Okay, maybe you’re not a good cook. No worries. Maybe you’re just trying decide what to eat, which in that case a healthy dose of food p-rn is in order before you go to Yelp.

7. Asian Life Hacks



“Traditions should be passed on and never forgotten,” the page says. Here members can share their Marie Kondo tips and tricks that make life a little less stressful and a little more organized and hilarious.

8. Asian Creative Network (ACN)


Not all Asians are on the stereotypical STEM career track. This isn’t a “Subtle Asian” page, but it is an amazing resource for Asian creatives. Whether you’re a writer, model, actor, singer, instrumentalist, marketing or advertising professional, anything creative—this is the place for you. With a strong membership of over 20,000, here you can collaborate with fellow creatives, find casting calls and job opportunities or simply make some new friends. There are also local chapter groups members can join.

9. ACN: Los Angeles Page


What started as a small club, the ACN L.A. chapter has grown into a community of over two thousand members. Similar to the parent page, the group provides a space for Asian creatives to connect and collaborate. Recently, the group has hosted a variety of in person meetups including talent showcases, photoshoots and even work sessions.