Top 5 Ways To Enjoy Mouth-Watering Fried Chicken, Asian Style

What’s better than holding a piece of golden-skinned, deep fried chicken in your greasy fingers? Maybe clutching a whole bucket of the battered barnyard fowl.

Stateside, it seems like Southern fried chicken gets all the fame and glory. But what about all of the delicious varieties of the fried bird that can be found just across the Pacific? Popularly enjoyed as street and comfort foods all across the continent, fried chicken is also an important food group, er, meal in Asia as well.

Here are the top five most delicious ways to enjoy the universally loved fast food:

Taiwan’s Hot-Star Large Fried Chicken

(Kars Alfrink/Creative Commons)

Though most people are more familiar with Taiwanese popcorn chicken, Hot-Star’s fried chicken reigns king in Taiwan. No joke, this is probably the biggest hunk of deep fried goodness you’ll ever meet in your life. Dunked in hot oil until it’s crisped to perfection, this is the closest you’ll get to being able to buy heaven in a paper bag.

Chicken Karaage

(Kirk K/Creative Commons)

One of the most comforting comfort foods maybe ever, chicken karaage packs a super crispy crunch due to its potato starch coating. Karaage is usually best enjoyed with a simple slice of lemon or paired with a mayonnaise dipping sauce for the ultimate Japanese chicken nugget experience.

Pritong Manok

(Debbie Tingzon/ Creative Commons)

Thanks to Jollibee, everyone knows that Filipinos love fried chicken. And for good reason, too. Traditionally marinated in calamansi for ultimate tenderness, lightly coated with an ultra-thin layer of batter and seasoned with a heavy helping of spices, pritong manok is a chicken lover’s dream.


(Arnold Gatilao/Creative Commons)

There’s really nothing like that teeth-jangling *crunch* of Korean fried chicken, aka KFC (almost got you there, huh). Always coated with a delectably sticky, sweet glaze and a hint of gochujang , this popular post-bar hopping treat is truly finger-licking good.

Thai Fried Chicken

(Alpha/Creative Commons)

Ah… the golden gem of Southeast Asia. The secret to Thai fried chicken is the tasty smorgasbord of dried herbs like five-spice, cumin and coriander that are mixed in with the batter. With a juicy inside and an aromatically-seasoned, crispy skin, what else could you ask from fried chicken?