A Look Inside Shay Mitchell’s Gorgeous $2 Million Home


Don’t you just wish MTV Cribs was still airing? Getting a glimpse into a celeb’s humble abode was like seeing an extension of their personality. I remember falling in love with Beyonce’s Moroccan-inspired relaxation corner that was filled with nothing but giant pillows. Well it looks like you have some competition, Bey, because Shay Mitchell‘s Beverly Grove home is just the most stylish and coziest home I’ve ever seen.

We should’ve expected the home of this Pretty Little Liars actress to be just as stylish as Mitchell herself. It looks like it came straight from a home design catalogue, and nothing about the interior design screams over-the-top. Simple and crisp white and grey walls adorned with pops of colors, plus some plush furniture makes for a fun and inviting environment. She even converted an entire room into a closet!  Talk about #GrownUpGoals or what?

Well, it looks like the property value went up considering Mitchell initially purchased her home for 1.3 million dollars. Mitchell’s house was fist built in 1931 and is now up for sale at a way-out-of-my-league price of nearly 2 million dollars. Oh, no biggie. Then again, who can blame them? Just take a look at the home’s “Elle Decor realness.”

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All photos courtesy of latimes.com.