The Run-Down On Shay Mitchell’s Beauty Must-Haves


To put it simply, Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell is nothing short of gorgeous. This Filipino Canadian actress always seems so fashionable and put-together, even with hardly a touch of makeup on! Want to know her secret to keeping her skin healthy and glowing? Want to know all her favorite beauty products and how she stays fit? Lyndsay Green from Teen Vogue shares it all and we’ve broken it down for you:



Skincare– Shay cleanses her face morning and night, but loves to focus on moisturizing her skin. She uses Innovative Skincare Active Serum, Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye Concentrate, Shani Darden’s Retinol Reform and a weekly face mask by Glam Glow.

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Makeup- Shay keeps her daily makeup routine to a minimum because for this natural beauty, less is more. She skips foundation and sticks to a tinted moisturizer, such as Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint for a little bit of coverage while keeping her skin hydrated. Then, she tames her brows with Kelley Baker’s Brow Powder and Highlighter. Temperatures can be close to freezing in her native Canada, so a lip balm with SPF, such as Carmex, is a must-have. For eye makeup, her obsession with Cover Girl’s Lash Blast is so intense that she buys 10 at a time just in case it discontinues.

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Hair- Shay has voluminous, healthy brunette hair — a lot of it. How does she manage to tame her long tresses? First, she limits washing her hair to once every three days and let’s her hair air-dry as much as possible. In usual Shay style, she keeps it natural and simple. Her go-to product for soft hair? Once a week, she uses coconut oil as a hair mask!




Fitness- Although Shay is big on fitness, she’s not always the healthiest eater. She admits to having a big sweet tooth and believes in eating in moderation. “I think you should have a little fun and hit the gym the next day,” she says. For her exercises, Shay likes to mix it up so she doesn’t feel bored. From cardio on the treadmill, pilates, to hiking and strength training, she does it all!

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