Actress Kristen Li Will Voice Bubbles in ‘Powerpuff Girls’ Revamp


Sugar, spice and everything nice, but don’t forget the Chemical X! It looks like Professor Utonium has been concocting another experiment because Cartoon Network’s PowerPuff Girls is getting a revamp.

The Powerpuff Girls has to be one of the many classics in the American Saturday morning cartoon lineup. Weekends wouldn’t be complete without seeing the crime-fighting school girls foil Mojo Jojo’s plan to control the city of Townsville. Most importantly, it stood out to me as one of Cartoon Network’s few Girl Power cartoons of the time.

For those who aren’t familiar with the series, The Powerpuff Girls centers around three sisters with superpowers. How did they come to have superpowers? Well for starters, the sisters were created in an experiment to make the “perfect little girls,” but when a load of Chemical X accidentally drops into the mixture, Professor Utonium isn’t left with normal little girls. Instead, he finds himself with three super strong, super fast and super cute (s)heroes that protect the city of Townsville from evildoers. The heroic sisters consist of the level-headed, brainiac leader Blossom, the rough and rowdy tomboy Buttercup, and the sugary sweet and sensitive Bubbles.

We can expect to see more of the awesome kick-butt trio when the re-release comes out in 2016. On top of the revamp, a new cast of voice actors is set to fill the roles including the fresh-on-the-scene starlet, Kristen Li, who will be voicing Bubbles.

While we may be excited to see Kristen Li make some big strides in the beginning of her career, the news didn’t go over so well with Bubbles’ prior voice actress, Tara Strong.


We’ll have to wait and see if Li can fill Strong’s shoes when the Powerpuff Girls revamp comes out in 2016. Who knows? Maybe Strong will have a change of heart.



Featured image courtesy of The Powerpuff Girls.