Adorable Cosplay Tribute to the ‘Big Hero 6’ Oscar Win


This week has been all about the heart-thumping moment when Disney’s Big Hero 6 was announced the Oscar winner for Best Animated Feature. Not to mention, yesterday marked the movie’s Blu-Ray and DVD release. It’s been a great week for Disney and the celebration continues!

Not only were the Big Hero 6 directors smiling from ear to ear after the win was announced, onlookers were celebrating in front of their TV screens as well. That’s especially true for a particular cosplayer named Jin.


Jin’s uncanny resemblance to Hiro has spread like a wildfire through the internet, and it even landed a special spotlight with Buzzfeed. Jin’s connection with the animated doppelgänger went beyond looks as Jin points out on Tumblr, “It would have meant the world to me if as a little kid, I had a character like Hiro to identify with and look up to and feel like it was okay to be me,” Jin explains. “To help me feel that being smart and even being a little weird-looking were good things. And I would have felt more like I could be brave and brilliant and inspirational too.”

To honor of the big win, Jin’s latest photoshoot plays with the idea of Hiro actually attending the Oscars. This definitely brings to life a moment we’d love to see.


“Baymax, you’re looking sharp!”
“Sharp? I am concerned that this would be harmful to my huggable design.”
“It’s just an expression!”

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“Tadashi, this is for you”

That last one is certainly a tear-jerker. To see more of Hiro, Tadashi and Baymax cosplays be sure to check out Jin’s Tumblr.