Adorable Mini Chefs Grill Momofoku Founder David Chang


If you had the chance to create your own restaurant, what would your dream restaurant look like? What would make your restaurant stand out from the rest? Now, imagine asking these questions to a group of aspiring 5-year-old chefs. As expected, their responses were totally imaginative and completely adorable. From a restaurant completely built out of fish to a chef that will serenade you with every dish, these kids from New York’s P.S. 216 class have thought of it all. But who wouldn’t want a little chef singing “Cooking! It’s cooooking!” to them?

Cute responses aside, this video from Yahoo Food shines a light on a big issue that is prominent in many metropolitan areas: A lack of nutritional food. In New York City alone, over 3 million folks citywide live in communities where access to fresh fruits and vegetables is very limited. This issue especially hits hard amongst low-income families who don’t have the nutritional resources and are left to settle for cheap, processed foods. A terrible cycle that ultimately leads to struggles with obesity and all the health complications that come with it.

In response to the problem, the non-profit organization Edible Schoolyard NYC partnered with public schools in these low-income communities in order to educate the youth about nutrition. All of Edible Schoolyard’s lessons equip students with hands-on knowledge by building community gardens and creating kitchen classrooms. Any chef can see the value in Edible Schoolyard’s mission. The org has even gained the support of established New York chef and founder of the Momofoku restaurant group, David Chang.

To continue his support, Chang let the same group of adorable, aspiring chefs grill him with questions in hopes to provide some advice to the mini chefs. See how it plays out below: