Adorable Thai Commercial Reminds Us That Kind Acts Are Rewarded


Thai commercials are known to be quite a bit more dramatic and attention-grabbing than the commercials we’re used to. How easy is it to become emotionally invested in a Thai commercial? Well most people have cried their eyes out before realizing that the heartbreaking video they just watched was a life insurance commercial all along.

But Thai life insurance commercials aren’t the only ones that aim to pull at heartstrings. A Kiatnakin Bank commercial has recently been grabbing viral attention. Uploaded onto YouTube just earlier this month, the video has already gathered over 3 million views. How exactly does a bank commercial get all that attention? With a puppy, of course!

The commercial follows a young man who decided to give his snack to a hungry, stray dog. In return, the dog does countless acts to repay his kindness. At the end of the video, they remind us that a simple investment can get you a return far beyond your expectation.

Check it out for yourself and tell us what you think.