Already Over the Ramen Burger? Check Out the Pho Burger and Stroganoff Burger

Recently, we brought you a closer look at night markets which featured one of the popular food trends of 2014: the ramen burger. The ramen burger was originally created by Keizo Shimamoto in 2013, but it did not debut in the United States until 2014.

For those that have not yet tried this innovative concoction, it is essentially a normal cheeseburger sandwiched between buns made of instant ramen. The ramen noodles are boiled, drained, cooled and mixed with beaten eggs before being molded and pan-fried into buns.

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But move aside, ramen burger! That is so last year (literally). There are now two new burgers with noodle buns making a tasty arrival. Foodies, meet the pho burger and stroganoff burger.

Pho Burger
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Stroganoff Burger
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The pho burger and stroganoff burger buns are made almost exactly like a ramen burger bun. Except, of course, with different types of noodles. So what makes them different? Let me give you a hint: you won’t find a typical cheeseburger between these noodle buns.

With a pho burger, one can expect the taste of a bowl of pho in each bite. Those familiar toppings, such as onions and cilantro, will be found in the burger. Below, you can watch Richie Le’s recipe where he shows viewers how he transforms every aspect of pho into a burger.

Now, the stroganoff burger is stepping it up a notch and making things a bit more complicated. With the ramen and pho burgers, the main preparation was in the buns and patties. With stroganoff, ALL of the ingredients must be cooked before being assembled.

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If you can’t find noodle burgers near you, it’s quite easy to re-create them at home. Who knows? You may just create a new recipe. Chicken fettuccine alfredo burger, anyone?


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