Amerie's 'More Than Love' 4 Million And Counting

Amerie's In Love & War

Def Jam songstress Amerie debuted her third video, ‘More Than Love,’ from her latest album, In Love & War, on Christmas Eve. With help from longtime friend and emcee, The Loso, Fabolous, the song delves into the issues of broken trust when in a relationship. Already the single has been making its rounds on the Web and with less than a week after it premiered, the video has already almost had now has 5 million views.

Amerie More Than Love

The song, produced by The Buchanans, has a heavy 70s feel to it. Laden with heavy brass and a soft percussion, Amerie delivers the song smoothly with intentional burst of anger and paranoia exuding from her glass-thin voice. Loso, ever the masterful lyricist, shines on the track with his clever lines like: “I’m the best you ever had/your friends just mad cause I’m the best they never had.”

I’m digging the song because of its simplicity. Though Amerie’s last video, ‘Heard ‘Em All’ was definitely a club banger, it felt a little too forced and affected. With Amerie merely doing what she does effortlessly–crooning without any added pretension–it reminds us of why we first fell in love with her during her ‘Why Don’t We Fall In Love‘ days. It’s when she let’s the music speak for itself that she’s most successful and just the reason why ‘More Than Love’ does not disappoint.