An AAPI Guide To Staying Sane During The COVID-19 Pandemic

The novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, pandemic has turned the world upside down. Caution is rising due to an increasing number of infected cases. Many public events have been cancelled or postponed. On top of that, the lives of countless people have been heavily disrupted. This time period presents some unique challenges for all of us, so we’ve compiled a list of guidelines and tips from AAPIs who know what they’re talking about. Stay safe and stay sane out there!

1.Wash Your Hands

Admit it, how often do you actually wash your hands for 20 seconds? If the answer is “not very,” then prepare to change your habits drastically. Beauty influencer Michelle Phan has this hilarious message to all her fans about washing hands, so you can look to her for some motivation. Good hygiene is essential to guarantee a healthy lifestyle, so don’t forget this step.

2. Stop Hoarding

A sudden outbreak of a novel coronavirus may leave you and your family in panic, but don’t let it become an excuse to hoard all cleaning supplies at the supermarket. As the social media channel Asians Never Die explains, what our community needs right now is a collective effort to slow down the spread of the virus. So, spare some hand sanitizer and toilet paper for the more vulnerable population. 

3. Use New Ways to Greet Others

This might be a bummer for all you huggers and touchers out there, but direct touching can be a source of spreading germs. How can you continue to show your hospitality? According to Priyanka Chopra, a namaste will do. An easy and safe way to greet others, let’s try it!

4. Take a Creative Approach to Social Distancing

More and more industries have recommended that their employees work from home in the coming weeks. This situation requires great adaptability to make the most out of your work routine. Learn how to be stylish even in pajamas from Mindy Kaling. Or take some advice from journalist Kimmy Yam, and use this time at home to savor your favorite dim sum dish. 

5. Support Your Local Asian Restaurants and Businesses

On the other hand, many restaurant and retail workers don’t have the privilege of staying home. Asian-owned businesses are seeing the impact most severely, with the number of restaurant diners and orders declining severely due to xenophobia. Charlotte Cho—the cosmetics entrepreneur behind brands like Then I Met You—has called for support for local Asian restaurants by turning to delivery apps. You can also pay a visit to your closest Chinatown (just not in groups of 10 or more) and show that you still care. 

6. Surround Yourself With Wholesomeness

This outbreak is undoubtedly stressful. Take some time to unplug or find some alternative ways to relax amidst a hectic news cycle. Despite having to postpone one of her recent shows, comedian Jenny Yang shows us what she does best: engaging the community using humor. She’s created a Twitter thread with the hashtag #wholesomecontent and let people share uplifting content, including dog pictures, duck videos and family bonding. And if you need any further stress relief, she and dozens of other comedians will be performing via Instagram Live on March 19 for a good cause.