Asian American Celebs Shower Kelly Marie Tran with Love and Support on Twitter

Asian American celebrities are rallying their support around breakout star Kelly Marie Tran, who played Rose Tico in last year’s “The Last Jedi.” Tired of internet trolls harassing her online, Tran deleted all her Instagram posts yesterday.

Despite the negativity that drove Tran to erase her activity on the photo-sharing social media site, crowds of “Star Wars” fans have come to her defense, including fellow Asian American celebs. Here’s what some of them had to say:

Olivia Munn practically wrote a novel encouraging the “Star Wars” actress to ignore the haters.

Masi Oka just wishes “Star Wars” fans could enjoy the franchise without bringing people down.

Kumail Nanjiani doesn’t understand why someone would troll one of the best parts of “The Last Jedi.”

Margaret Cho shouted out her support in all-caps lest there be any confusion about where she stands.

Harry Shum, Jr. hopes Tran feels his love now as much as he felt her joy during “The Last Jedi” promotions.

Henry Golding told us a story about a time when Tran’s pride and joy over being part of such an iconic franchise touched his heart, too.

Katie Leung feels sorry that other young Asian American actresses have one less inspiring Instagram to follow.

Jenny Yang called out the problematic “Star Wars” fans who harassed Tran online.