It’s Super Teens vs. Super Parents in Marvel’s ‘Runaways’ Season 2 Trailer

The official trailer of the second season of Hulu’s “Runaways” is fast and action-packed as we find our band of misfit heroes in a vulnerable position. Hoping to cut ties with their evil-doing parents, they’re now officially runaways.

Based on the comics by Brian Vaughn, the second season of the show is set to release this December 21. The Marvel series, which features Lyrica Okano as the magical, staff-wielding heroine Nico Minoru, follows the adventures of a group of teenage superheroes who have banded together against their supervillain parents.    

In the 10-episode second season, the heroes have taken on the monumental task of bringing down their parents’ secret organization, PRIDE. They’re forced to learn to live on their own and, more importantly, with each other — plus, a dinosaur.

This season is sure to have plenty of the same elements of magic and action, but also promises to up the drama. Could there be a traitor within the young superheroes’ midst?