Audrey Do’s and Don’ts | Getting Ready For A Date

So you finally got your crush to ask you out on a date! You’ve been looking forward to this for weeks and now the date is only hours away. What to do now? Well sit down and take a few minutes to read our Do’s and Don’ts when getting ready for a date!

1. DO give yourself time to get ready

Its horrible to realize  you still have to do your hair, make-up, and choose an outfit before meeting up with your date in ten minutes. This may be fine for some of you, but does this work for most of us? Nope. Rushing before a big date will only stress you out. Do yourself a favor and give yourself time for all your preparations. A few extra efforts can go a long way. Try on outfits beforehand. Give yourself more time to do your usual routine. Take your time to do your make up and make sure it looks on point. You’ll thank yourself later on.

2. DON’T dress inappropriately

That short skirt may be adorable, but if your date is during the winter time then you may want to reconsider. Nothing can ruin your night faster than goosebumps, shivering, and weather that distracts you the whole night. We can’t urge this enough- dress appropriately for your date. We understand that you want to look your best, but your discomfort may very well ruin the night for you. Going hiking? Ditch the heels. Meeting the parents? Might wanna cover up all that cleavage.

3. DO dress to impress

Despite the weather or activity planned for the date, you can find a way to look your best. Have that outfit you’ve been dying to wear? An important date will be perfect for it. Don’t get us wrong- your appearance isn’t the only thing that matters, BUT its a common belief that if you look good, you feel good. We wouldn’t want you to sit through an entire dinner regretting your choice of wardrobe. Wear something you feel confident in and your date will surely pick up on those vibes.

4. DON’T find yourself unprepared

You didn’t expect it to rain and now mother nature has washed away all your makeup. You suddenly get a headache and without painkillers you can’t pay attention to the movie. You endure an entire dinner mentally lecturing yourself for forgetting to bring a pad or tampon (don’t you hate that?) These are only a few of the many things that could ruin your night. Prepare for it!  We’re not saying you should go overboard – there’s no need to bring your entire makeup bag and a change of clothes with you. We simply mean that it wouldn’t hurt to bring a few of the essentials. List these items out if you need to.

5. DO  tell your friends

Seriously. I know this sounds like some joke, but its extremely important that you let people know where you’ll be at and who you’ll be with. This is ESPECIALLY important if its a blind date. Real talk, this is a safety measure that you may be extremely thankful for later on. Its fine if you want to keep your business lowkey, but be cautious. Even telling just one girl friend or one family member will suffice. Take care of yourself.

6. DON’T scare your date away

If you’ve watched  He’s Just Not That Into You, you know the dangers of being impatient for a date. Excitement is one thing, but obsessing over a date? Not so good. We’re all excited for the potential of finding our happily ever after, but there’s no need to scare your date away. You definitely don’t need to call your date ten times beforehand to tell him/her you’re excited. It may be cute at first… but after a while, it can get a bit creepy.

7. DO plan ahead

If you already know you’re not much of a talker or get nervous with new people, you may want to prepare for this ahead of time. Putting in the extra effort to list out talking points (like finding out what your date is interested in) can go a long way. By no means are we telling you to cyber-stalk your date, but if you find a common interest then you’ve already found something to talk about.

8. DON’T ditch your date

If you know that Saturday is a busy day for you, tell your date that another day would be better. Cancelling or rescheduling a date last minute can be quite the inconvenience for them and may lead them to believe you’re not interested. Don’t be that girl.

9. DO free your schedule

If the date goes well then one ice cream may lead to a movie which may lead to dinner which may lead to a stroll down the beach. Some of the best dates have spontaneous endings so make sure you don’t miss out on those moments. Clear up your schedule for whatever unexpected turns your date may take.

10. DON’T be negative

Take some time before the date to relax and be excited about this. Its certainly not the end of the world if the date doesn’t go well. If you go into this date expecting the worse, it may affect your mood. Smile and make the most of it. Positive vibes are sure to catch on.



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