Audrey’s Days of Summer | Summer Hair: Braids

It’s summertime which means heat and humidity. Here are a few easy braids that will keep your hair out of your face. The best way to learn how to braid is to practice, practice, practice! Each braid can be worn in various ways so try a different style out every day!

A secret tip: Rub in a leave-in conditioner or serum before braiding your hair (I like to use unrefined coconut oil). It not only makes your hair easier to braid, but it also sinks in and conditions damaged hair. At the end of the day, rinse it out.


The fishtail braid is my favorite. The smaller the sections you take, the more intricate it will look. A word of advice: the fishtail braid takes much longer than a normal braid so if you have long hair, make sure to set aside enough time.

1) Divide the section you want to braid into two parts.
2) Take a small strip of hair from the outer part of the left section.
3) Cross the strip over the left section and attach to the inside of the right section.
4) Do the same with the right section.
5) Keep repeating until you have a fishtail of the desired length.


1) Tie your hair in a ponytail.
2) Fishtail braid half way down the ponytail.
3) Curve the braid under to make a bun.
4) Secure the bun with an elastic band.
5) Wrap the ends of your hair around the band to hide it.
6) Pin the ends of your hair and spray.


This braid looks seriously awesome, even if you only do one layer of it. I always get complements whenever I have a waterfall braid. This romantic hairstyle is perfect for the summer.


1) Divide the section you want to braid into three parts.
2) Cross the left strand over the middle strand.
3) Cross the right strand over the middle strand (like a normal braid).
4) Instead of continuing to braid the left strand, drop the strand and pick up a new piece of hair right under where you want the braid to sit.
5) Cross this new strand over the middle strand.
6) Repeat Steps 3-5 until you have a waterfall braid of the desired length.


1) Start the waterfall braid from the left hand side.
2) Continue to waterfall braid until you reach the right side of your head.
3) Once at the right hand side, braid the hair downward normally.
4) Repeat this three times across the back of your head.
5) Braid the three dangling braids on the right side of the head into one large braid.
6) Wrap it along the base of your head and pin it to the other side.
7) Spray down any loose ends.

5-String Braid

This is the hardest of the braids in my opinion. You have to keep track of your strands and have nimble fingers. I would recommend trying it out as a side braid so you can see what you’re doing before attempting anything too complicated


1) Divide the section you want to braid into 5 parts (numbered 1-5 from left to right).
2) Cross Strand 1 over Strand 2, under Stand 3, over Strand 4, and under Strand 5.
3) Continue this pattern (you can gather hair when crossing Strands 1 and 5 to make a 5 String French Braid).


1) Braid two 5-String braids around the crown of your head.
2) Braid the excess hair downwards (for time’s sake, I switched to a regular 3-string braid for the loose ends).
3) Braid the rest of the hair into two braids (again, you can do the 5-string or just a normal 3-string).
4) Cross the braids and loop them upward to make a two concentric circles.
5) Pin at the top (use a cute barrette!).
6) Spray any loose ends.

Reverse French Braid

This is probably the easiest of the braids. The reverse French braid sits on top of your head instead of in your head, allowing it to stand out more. There are no step-by-step images for this one because I did it to myself. This just goes to show that it is possible to do your own special occasion hair!


1) French braid normally except cross the side strands UNDER the middle strand, instead of on top.


1) Braid two reverse French braids around the crown of your head.
2) Reverse French braid the left strand so that it curves around the nape of your neck.
3) Reverse French braid the right strand so that it goes behind your right ear.
4) Braid the remained of your hair.
5) Twist these two braids into a unicorn braid (spiraling the hair around each other).
6) Loop the unicorn braid up to make a bun.
7) Pin and spray (add a flower as some extra embellishment!).