'Austin Powers' Actor On Trial For Kidnapping, Rape

Actor Joseph Hyungmin Son is currently on trial in Orange County as he stands accused of the 1990 kidnapping and rape of a woman from Huntington Beach, according to news reports.

Prosecutors say Son and an accomplice beat and pistol-whipped a 20-year-old woman snatched off the streets of Huntington Beach and repeatedly raped her before dropping her off, naked and bleeding, on the street in Compton, according to the Orange County Register.

She described in vivid details how her assailants took turns sexually assaulting her, and that one of the men demanded that she moan as if she were enjoying it and talked about taking her to Compton to “share her” with his friends.

The woman said the ordeal lasted for hours before one of the men finally dragged her out of the car by her hair, threw her on the ground naked and bleeding, and told her to run.

“It’s Christmas. This is your lucky day,” she said the assailant told her.

When Deputy District Attorney Eric Scarbrough asked her if that man was in the courtroom, the woman looked up from the witness box and said emphatically “yes, right there,” nodding at defendant Joseph Hyungmin Son, 40, who is on trial for conspiracy to commit murder and torture.

Son, who had a brief career as a mixed-martial arts fighter, is best known as an actor for his role as “Random Task” in the first Austin Powers movie in 1997.