‘Bambi’ Artist Tyrus Wong Gets Overdue Credit in New PBS Doc

PBS director Pamela Tom is shedding some light on a little known Disney narrative in her upcoming documentary, “American Masters: Tyrus,” which will center on the life and work of Chinese artist Tyrus Wong.

Wong was born in present-day Guangzhou, China, and immigrated to America with his father in 1919. His artwork was known for seamlessly melding eastern and western influences and producing works of quiet beauty, some of which he exhibited alongside art legends like Picasso and Matisse. Wong later went on to join Walt Disney’s team and became the principal sketch artist for “Bambi.” Wong died in 2016 at the age of 106, and he inspired many other artists during his lifetime.

Tom’s documentary explores Wong’s life by revealing never-before-seen interviews with the master artist as well as some of his less-known art pieces. Interviews with friends and colleagues further complete the narrative.

Catch Pamela Tom’s documentary “American Masters: Tyrus” on PBS on Sept. 8, and check out the trailer below: