Beat Those Sluggish Mondays with Some “Lazy Egg” Treats


Got a bad case of the Mondays? I don’t blame you. It’s our snap-back-to-reality-the-weekend-is-over-and-back-to-work day. Between you and me, it was pretty hard to leave the comfort of my warm blankets this morning. I forced myself out of bed, got ready, sat through an hour in traffic and, as expected, I was still feeling groggy and quite sluggish once I got into the office. But as I went through my usual morning routine, one thing on my social media feed caught my eye: It was Gudetama, Sanrio’s beloved “lazy egg.”

And as I watched Gudetama roll around in a bacon blanket, too tired to get up, I thought to myself, “This little egg is the epitome of my Monday mornings.”

Soon enough, I fell into the cyberspace spiral and found myself watching videos of the Gudetama cartoon, videos of people baking Gudetama cookies and even a Gudetama sandwich tutorial. The unsuspected cuteness of the little yolk character made me giggle at every video, especially whenever they would draw on his lethargic expression. Ironically, Sanrio’s “lazy egg” had me feeling less lazy and a lot more energized from laughter. In fact, it made me pretty inspired to try out some new ideas for my next lunch.

So if you’ve got the Monday blues, watch these Gudetama tutorials and witness the cuteness for yourself. It’s awfully hard to not smile while watching!

Try this lazy cheese sandwich:



Nothing screams lazy like lemon cookies:



“I won’t move” milk jelly:



Even these sugar cookies aren’t motivated:



Add some tea, and it’s the perfect lazy treat:


Featured image courtesy of Sundaymore.