Behind the Scenes: April '11 Cover

We’re so excited for this upcoming issue – not only is it our 21st Anniversary issue (time to get crunk!), but we also have the sweet and sassy Jamie Chung on the cover!

We shot Jamie at the Watermarke Tower in Los Angeles earlier this month, and even though the shoot was jam-packed, Jamie rocked (excuse the pun) the shoot.

Completely at ease in front of the camera, Jamie started posing and flirting with the camera as soon as the photographer, Eric, started. And when Eric asked her to lift the 80’s style boombox (which, though it looks fake, is very real and very heavy), she did it gamely – even in that pretty pink strapless dress (just one of the many girly dresses that she enthused over).

But before you start thinking we worked Jamie too hard, Jamie got her playtime when we migrated over to the game room, where she got to play ping pong. When the entire staff started pelting the colorful plastic balls at her, Jamie put all that Sucker Punch training to good use and slammed one back, hitting KoreAm intern, Allen, square in the eye. (Sorry Allen.)

Check out all the fun in the behind the scenes video below!

A big thank you to all who helped make this shoot possible!

Photographer: Eric Sueyoshi
Location: Watermarke Tower, Los Angeles
Stylist: Lyndzi Trang
Hair: Kristin Ess
Makeup: Suzie K
Video: Elizabeth Eun (film), Allen Lee (edit)
Special Thanks: BWR, Nicole Perna, Cindy Troesh, Jacqueline Nguyen, Esther Kim, Janice Jann and Jamie Chung