Bespoke Beauty: How the Next Generation of Skin Care is Made Specifically For You


Like haute couture is to ready-to-wear, the next generation of skin care isn’t off-the-rack or one-size-fits-all; it’s especially made just for you.


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According to technology-based skin care brand Ioma, to categorize skin into certain finite types (dry, combination, etc.) is old-fashioned – the skin is a live organ, unique to each individual and constantly changing. To address skin’s uniqueness, Ioma uses its proprietary MEMS technology, developed by Ioma’s founder and currently used in planes and the Mars Curiosity rover, in its 4D diagnostic skin analysis. Available at Ioma counters at Saks Fifth Avenue, the IomaSphere takes “pictures” of your face, which analyzes down to the deepest layers of the epidermis, revealing hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, hydration and even bacterial content. Based on your Skincode, eight different serums (like Syn-Ake and biomimetic peptides) are mixed and matched, down to the drop, into an active base formulated with a highly effective peptide and vitamin E, to create a day moisturizer specific to your needs. The diagnostic is so specific, it can create more than 40,000 different formulations. Indeed, I was surprised to see how dehydrated my skin was, fooled by my super oily T-zone.



If you don’t have time for a full-on skin analysis, Skin Inc, a new skin care line finally available in the U.S., may be your solution. Created by Singaporean native Sabrina Tan, Skin Inc uses high-potency ingredients developed in Japan and is already a hit in Europe and Asia, with flagship stores in 16 cities. Just take their Skin Identity test online, which measures everything from stress, diet to even geography to decode your skin’s unique needs. They’ll send you three bottles of ingredients – their nine serums range from pigmentation-fighting chlorella to hydrating hyaluronic acid to oil-balancing vitamin C – each containing moisture-rich, caviar-like capsules created by a patented seaweed encapsulation process to keep active ingredients fresh, to be released only upon application to the skin. It may sound super high-tech, but all you need to do is mix the three ingredients into your Daily Dose bottle and you’re good to go.



Don’t have time for a personal “fitting?” Then this may be your next best option. According to Clinique, this serum is formulated to target and decode the distress signals of the damage specific to your skin – whether visible or not – and precisely deliver the appropriate ingredients to correct it. Any ingredients not needed for your particular skin remains “on call.” Among its many powerful actives are red algae to soothe inflammation, vitamin C and salicylic acid to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation, collagen-boosting peptides to fight wrinkles, and encapsulated enzymes to repair UV damage.


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