Masala: Booboo Stewart Reveals the Quiet Horror of ‘Those Who Walk Away’

Modern dating can feel like a bloodbath at times, something the main characters of the film “Those Who Walk Away” know all too well. 

Starring Booboo Stewart and Scarlett Sperduto and directed by Robert Rippberger, “Those Who Walk Away” premiered on Feb. 11 and follows a young couple, Max (Stewart) and Avery (Sperduto), on their first date after connecting through a dating app. Wanting to spice things up, Avery suggests exploring a nearby haunted house, and any horror fan worth their salt can guess what happens after that.

Stewart recently sat down with Character Media to discuss how “Those Who Walk Away” offers a unique interpretation of horror that differs from other movies, and how trauma plays an important role in the film. “We were exploring trauma and [Max’s] character and what it means, and how that would be in real life,” Stewart explained. “Exploring that gave us a lot of freedom to create so many weird little scenarios that embodied, physically, what someone might be feeling internally.”

The actor then went on to describe some of the anxieties he felt about shooting the movie, which is edited to run as though it were filmed in one continuous take. Stewart delved into explaining how it seemed intimidating to start from one spot and be constantly on the move to ensure all actors were in the right place for the shot to work. “I was always on edge—having a great time,” Stewart said, “but on edge.” 

Stewart also reflected on the significance of the film’s monster, Rotcreep, along with the creative freedoms he found throughout the film. Watch the full video above to hear the full conversation and be sure to check out “Those Who Walk Away,” in theaters for a limited time!