Caffeinated Nation: Seoul Has The Most Starbucks Locations In The World


It feels like Starbucks is everywhere, on every corner, every block. That burst of caffeine and sugar you need before you head into the office? It’s right there in that ubiquitous white cup emblazoned with the famous green Siren.

This is literally the case in Seoul, which has recently been revealed to be the city with the most Starbucks locations, beating out New York City, Los Angeles, and even more densely populated cities such as Shanghai and Beijing. South Korea’s capital has a whopping 284 stores cramming its 233 square miles of land.

The top five cities that boast the most Starbucks, you ask?

Seoul: 284

New York City: 277

Shanghai: 256

London: 202

Chicago: 164

Los Angeles doesn’t even make it to the Top 10 with its 105 locations. According to an analysis by Chris Meller, who analyzed data provided by the coffee company’s website, sales in China and the Asia-Pacific region grew faster than any other countries worldwide. See the charts and full analysis here.

Photo via Starbucks Korea on Facebook