Celebrate Mother’s Day With Indian American Singer Raveena’s Latest Single ‘Mama’


Do you ever feel like you love your Mama so much you could just sing about it?

On May 10, R&B singer songwriter Raveena dropped a new single, “Mama” just in time for Mother’s Day weekend. The song marks her first musical release of 2019 after the artist released a series of singles last year centering around themes of healing, vulnerability and self-love. Through her music, Raveena strives to celebrate her heritage as an Indian American woman with songs that deal with themes of healing and strength. The honey-sweet single pays homage to the hardships and sacrifices that her mother and grandmother experienced in the 1980s as immigrants to America.

Stay tuned for “Mama”’s music video that Raveena will release on Sunday. It’ll feature home footage of her mother and grandmother as well as shots of candid, authentic moments between first and second generation immigrant families in New York City.